1. The candidate will submit an online application at the BCVS website enrollment portal providing necessary information on personal biography, education, and BVC registration, and uploading a photograph, and a copy of the veterinary degree certificate.
  2. The candidate will pay the enrollment fee and examination fee at the BCVS bank account. BCVS Executive Council will set the enrollment and examination fees from time to time. The fees for MCVS examination 2023 will be as follows

    Enrolment fee:     Tk. 2,000

    Examination fee:  Tk. 4,000 (Standard)
    100% waiver for fresh graduates (graduated in 2020 or later)
    50% waiver for others

    Total to pay:
    Fresh graduates – Tk. 2,000
    Others                – Tk. 4,000

  3. After payment of the fees, the candidate will login again and upload a copy of the pay-in/deposit slip at the enrollment portal of the BCVS website.
  4. After verification of all the information, documents and payment the BCVS will confirm the enrollment and issue an Eligibility Number to the candidate and communicate that through e-mail. The email will also contain detailed instructions on how to make an appointment for the examination, as summarized below.


Scheduling appointment for the examination

  1. The enrolled candidate will make an appointment for his/her examination at the website of Prometric Testing Pvt. Ltd., the testing service provider, within the stipulated examination window using the eligibility number provided. The candidate will select a suitable date and time from the slots available within the examination window. The candidate should consult the step-by-step instructions for scheduling examinations at the Prometric website.
  2. The candidate will have to follow all the rules and procedures of the testing center and produce the appointment confirmation letter and the original passport or National ID for identification purposes.
  3. If necessary, the candidate may reschedule his/her exam appointment at the Prometric website at least 48 hours before the original appointment. The candidate should consult the step-by-step instructions for rescheduling the exam.
  4. If a candidate fails to appear in the examination on the scheduled date or is not allowed to sit for the examination due to delayed arrival or failing to produce original passport or NID, his/her enrollment will be cancelled. If time is available, he/she may re-enroll on re-payment of the enrollment and examination fee.


MCVS score report and certificate

  1. MCVS score reports will be sent to the candidates privately by e-mail. The report will contain total scores along with the pass/fail remark as well as the discipline-wise breakdown of the score.
  2. BCVS will present the certificate to the successful candidates once a year in a formal MCVS Certificate Awarding Ceremony. The details of the successful candidates will appear on the BCVS website as the Member of the College of Veterinary Surgeons (MCVS).


Examination retake policy

  1. If a candidate is unsuccessful in the first attempt of the MCVS examination, he/she may retake the examination in the next available examination window.
  2. There is no limit on the number of occasions the candidate can take the examination. However, each time the candidate will have to renew the enrollment by paying the enrollment and examination fees. Information and documents submitted earlier will remain valid.


Further information

If further information is required, please contact the MCVS Exam Administrators

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Rafiqul Islam
Exam Admin

Prof. Dr. Md. Mahmudul Hasan Sikder
Associate Exam Admin